This Statement of Work is entered into between Garwood Mediaworks and Ascent Visual Media on 11/27/23. This document lays out the expectations of Ascent Visual Media and services that Garwood Mediaworks will provide.

Web Pages To Be Developed

This agreement is for the completion of 1 website as outlined later in this document. The website will be named AscentVisualMedia.com. 

Known Functionalities and Features

Ascent Visual Media would like this site to have a running video in the background of the main page in order to grab potential client’s attention immediately. The main page is to have a functioning slider. The site will have a main page with a slider and running video and four other pages titled Services, Portfolio, About, and Contact. The slider will have a sizzle reel. The Services page will have one main picture and a set of basic prices. The Portfolio Page will show two videos and five photos to start. The about page will include 1 photo and the about copy. The Contact page will have a form for the customer to use as a means of contacting the business. All of the media items listed here will be delivered by Ascent Visual Media on or before 12/02/23

Client Responsibilities 

The client, Ascent Visual Media, is to provide all video, photo, and copy that is to be used for this website. These materials must be delivered in full by 12/02/23.

Total Quoted Hours 

This website will take an estimated 50 hours to complete. 

Hourly Rate

The hourly rate of Garwood Mediaworks is $120 an hour. 

Total Project Cost

This project will cost an estimated $8,000, which will cover all labor and startup costs.

Payment Due Dates

50% payment is due upfront before work will start. The remainder is to be paid upon approval of the website by Ascent Visual Media when it is delivered on 12/14/23.


This website will be completed and turned over to the customer on or before 12/14/23.

Check-ins and Meetings

Garwood Mediaworks will meet with Ascent Visual Media twice before the completion of this site. These meetings will be held at approximately 1/3 and 2/3 completion of the site in order to confirm that the website is as the client requested and the developer intended. 

Milestone Approvals

The website will be shown to the client 24 hours prior to our intended 1/3 and 2/3 completion meetings. The client is to discuss concerns at the meeting times. Once the concerns, if any, have been rectified, the client will have 24 hours to approve or deny the site’s current state. 

Means of Contact

Chris Garwood (123) 456-7890


Tools and Resources

The white will be built on the WordPress platform using Elementor Pro and WPZoom Inspiro Pro theme. The added costs of these tools and themes are included in the project fees as well as initial hosting fees. 

Quality Assurance

This site will be tested on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera to ensure proper operation. 

Hosting and Maintenance 

The fees for maintenance are paid quarterly at the rate of $250. Hosting fees will be paid separately and ongoing after the initial setup of the site. 


This website is to be functioning to the client’s standards. It is to be compliant with all current standard accessibility requirements.

Completion Criteria

This agreement will be complete and fulfilled once the client, Ascent Visual Media has received a fully functioning site that meets all the requirements outlined above. Upon approval and full payment by the client, the website will be handed over to Ascent Visual Media and will go live at this time. This will signify the completion of this contract.